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Winter – a time for change in the garden

Winter is a wonderful time for gardeners in July and that’s especially so here!  No snakes or heat to consider and if there’s sufficient rain, not much watering to do either.  So that means there’s a lot more time available for the fun things in the garden!

Out with the old

We have a lot of herbaceous perennials here – so now’s the time to divide them and re-arrange their placement.

One of my favourite plants is the Shasta daisy “Becky”.

The main cottage beds are being revamped!

When the ground is damp it’s an easy job to dig up the clumps and re-position them.  There’s time to start again too in winter – for instance, any plants which were low performers last year have been consigned to the compost heap.  At the moment, the main cottage beds look very bare – but watch this space – there will soon be life teeming beneath the winter dormancy.

In with the new

Winter dormancy – but not for long

There’s many opportunities to source new plants too – both online and from our local nursery. New Salvias are always welcome and  I’ve planted several varieties of Cistus, as well as Heucheras and Hellebores in a shaded spot.   Philadelphus “Belle Etoile”  arrived by mail, just a tiny brown stick.  Every day I examine its progress and now, it’s already showing tiny green leaves.  No wonder gardening has sustained people for centuries, for there’s so much hope and fulfilment to be found in nurturing and cultivating.

Composting and mulching

And with the cold weather, what better way to warm up than by filling a wheelbarrow with composted material and forking it onto garden beds.  It’s a job which is very satisfying and rewarding too. When the weather starts to warm up, the blanket of mulch is not only adding nutrients, but protecting the soil beneath.

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