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Re-bricking of our crematorium


Maintenance is key

As we journey through life, there’s one thing we become very conscious of – that nothing lasts forever.  That reality was evidenced over time here when it was realised that our crematorium would need to be re-bricked.  We’d always known that this would be needed eventually  and indeed we welcomed it – because it bore witness to our successful operation since we first set up our crematorium.  Yet as with most jobs, there was more involved than one would envisage!

Spanning the distance

Some of the materials after unpacking

Our crematorium was purchased initially from Matthews Cremation in Orlando, Florida.  Every year their technician visits us, to do a complete maintenance inspection.  So when the re-bricking was needed, Matthews Cremation arranged the whole process.  The materials were all shipped from the United States on the vessel “Melina” in September.  When they arrived in Melbourne, there was a lengthy delay with customs formalities.  Fumigation was required because wood was included in the packing.  Then, the materials were sent on to Adelaide.  From there, a courier delivered them by road to us on 6th November.

It’s more than bricks and mortar

Richard is used to working in confined spaces!

Cameron’s skills were a great asset for the project

The next week, Richard Belcourt, a Senior Service Technician from Matthews Cremation arrived at 7.30 a.m., to commence work. Fortunately our son-in-law Cameron was available to assist him over the three days’ work. Not only was there a lot of jackhammer work but also welding and manning the cement mixer.  All the old bricks from the floor and door lintel were removed – sounds simple but it wasn’t, because the floor bricks consist of three layers.  And they weren’t just ordinary bricks, but ceramic specially designed for the purpose.  Linda sourced a jackhammer for the men to use, and also organised the lunch and refreshments each day.

Out with the old

First day – already some bricks in the skip

All the old bricks were carted to a hired skip, which was full by the end of the project.


The skip is just about full

The whole process ran smoothly, mainly because we had expert organisation from Matthews Cremation, and also because we had skilled workers.  Now, all is new again.

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