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A new look for our memorial area

Over winter, we’ve completed many satisfying projects. One of them has been the remodelling of our public memorial area.

For some time we’d been aware that the original box hedges had grown too large and woody, so they were all removed and new garden soil brought in.

Once cleared, the open look of the area was very appealing, so we decided to keep it that way, using low-growing plants.

For the circular bed, a central classical statue was chosen. Apart from four syzigium “Tiny Trev” all the plants were propagated from those already in the main garden, because they were the autumn colours we needed. Around the edge are dwarf yellow daylilies, with plantings within of geum “Tangerine”, as well as succulents and my mother’s favourite pelargonium “Mrs. Pollock”. I have quite a few plants of this pelargonium throughout my general garden, as I love its tri-colour foliage. Originally it came from my mother’s garden in Port Lincoln, and I always propagate more from cuttings every year in March.

The paving on the paths in the geometrical memorial area was widened, and terracotta tiles (“Prince of Wales” design) laid to edge them. Again, the plantings are autumn- toned to link them to the circular bed.

This public memorial area is open every day during daylight hours, so do feel welcome to call in any time, to see the changes!

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